Tips to Have a “Stress-free” Collaboration



Not all of us are fond of group works. Some choose to do task individually while others prefer in collaborating with people they are comfortable with. But whether we like it or not, group collaborations are inevitable. So, how do you make collaboration work? Do the following tips.

Tip #1: Be a people person

You don’t have to please your groupmates, all you have to do is to be approachable. You need to learn on how to deal with different kinds of people and how to work with them. Camaraderie is the key for a well functioning group.

Tip #2: Assign a leader

In every group, someone needs to lead it so that everything is managed and functioning. A group without a person in charge is directionless. A common misconception in being a leader is that he does all the work in the group, which is wrong. A leader still do tasks and instead of doing it all for his group mates, he assigns tasks equally to all.

Tip #3: Divide tasks equally

Since one of the duties of a leader is to delegate tasks to his members, it is a member’s job to do the task that is given to him. Each member of the group has a specific task and role to accomplish. Remember that a task is not given to someone who is not competent enough, it is given because it can be done.

Tip #4: Have open communication

It is important to have communication within the group in order to work well. Motivational speaker, Simon Sinek once said that learning how to listen is not the key, but instead it is in listening to everyone else. This makes everyone in the group be heard and contribute to the group and you get to hear what others has to say as well. Open communication means having an exchange of thoughts, a clash of ideas but in a healthy way.

Tip #5: Use technology as your advantage

With social media being one of the leading means of communication, you can use this as well for your collaboration. There’s Facebook Messenger for instant messages and Skype for video calls. Not only that, collaboration is made much easier since information is just a reach of your fingertips. You just need to maximize technology and put it in good use.

Your smartphone wouldn’t be possible if mobile developers and innovators did not collaborated. Facebook wouldn’t exist if Mark Zuckerberg did not needed the help of his co-founders. Remember, no man is an island, so be open for collaboration.

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