AR and VR Changing the Food Industry


Augmented and Virtual Reality has been innovating industries like business, education, and healthcare. If we think that it has reached its peak, we need to think again. Turns out it can also innovate the food industry.

If you are a business from the food industry, Miyens offers affordable AR/VR services like 360 Panorama Virtual Reality Tours and Augmented Reality Apps that can help you provide good food and service to your customers.

Here are ways on how AR/VR help improve the world of culinary and food.

1. VR tours help you know how food is being processed

VR tours of plantations and factories is a good way to earn the trust of consumers. By letting them have a glimpse of how their food is being processed until it lands on their tables, they are assured that the food they purchase is of quality and is guaranteed safe

2. Learning how to cook becomes virtual

Learning how to cook or trying a new dish is already fun, what more if it’s in digital form? VR 360 degree videos of dishes being cook can be much more effective than following a recipe from a cookbook or watching cooking videos. The user can learn in his own phase and learning how to cook virtually makes them save ingredients that should have been used during trial and errors of recipes.

3. People are exposed to a new food

Have you always wanted to dry a new dish from a different culture but you don’t know how and where to get it? With the help of AR and VR, let’s us have a better feel for dishes that is foreign to us as if we are actually experiencing it in person.

4. Overeating is avoided

Apparently, AR can help eaters to consume the right amount of food. It not just saves food being wasted but it can also help in creating scrumptious and healthy meals that can guide people in having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Miyens can provide you with both Augmented and Virtual Reality services that will make your business be immersed more than ever. If you want to know more AR/VR, how it can be applied in your business and how Miyens can help you with that, contact us and our project leaders will be more than happy to assist you.

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