Do you feel less productive every day? Being unproductive makes you feel like you are not accomplishing the things you need to do. Well, worry no more because, in this article, we’ll give you 5 tips on how to be productive every day.

Tip #1 Fix your to-do list.

It’s good to have your own to-do list, but the problem with other people is that their to-do list is too complex. They tend to put the easy task with the difficult ones in one list. This causes them to procrastinate over the complex tasks. Have balance in creating your to-do list so that each task is done with a fair amount of time.

Tip #2 Don’t multitask.

They say that when there’s a lot of work to be done, you should multitask. THAT’S NOT GOING TO WORK. Actually, the more that you multitask, the more you’re not going to accomplish your task. According to Harvard Business Review, our productivity drops down by 40% when we do a lot of things at once. So prioritize what needs to be done.

Tip #3 Let there be (natural) light.

According to studies, the more that you see or get exposed to natural light the more you’ll be productive and alert. Apparently, natural light affects an employees mood and behavior and it also lessens stress. Who knew natural light can do that much for employees?

Tip #4 Take a step back.

Reviewing an accomplished task it is not a sign of slowing down your pace. By doing so, you are trying to see what tasks are done and needed to be done, if you are meeting your goals, and if there changes that needs to be implemented to do tasks more efficiently.

Tip #5 Give your eyes a break.

Keep your eyes off your laptop or computer for a while. Eyes that are too focused on the screen monitor may lead to eyestrain. To prevent this, do the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes, focus on an object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Your eyes need some rest too.

Being productive isn’t a hard thing to accomplish, apply the tips we gave you and be at your most productive state.

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Have you ever experienced waking up feeling less– or worse– not motivated at all? Have you lost your will to do the things that your heart wants? Maybe you just need the good word of the Lord to fire up your desire and passion in life.

Here are 6 Bible verses to keep you motivated every day.

1. Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes.”

Whatever it is that your heart desires you can be like it. Your passion is a God-given gift, use it to change your life, others and the world.

2. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

If you cannot rely on your physical strength, rely on your spiritual strength. Rely on the Lord and He will give you more than just strength.

3. Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world – like a city on top of a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

We live to continue the greatness of the Lord has done. Do not let your life be wasted and use your talent to do good.

4. Psalm 139:14 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

Remember that you are worthy and capable to do amazing things. Your existence matters.

5. Matthew 28:20 “I am with you always to the very end of the age”

Remember that you have the Lord in whatever you do. His promises will never perish.

6. 1 John 4:4 “The Lord is greater than the giants you face”

In every battle, we face we have the Lord to guide us and to help us conquer every challenge. Do not think that you are alone. Do not lose motivation to keep going further.

With these verses to ponder we hope that you feel the motivation, you need to continue with life.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality has been innovating industries like business, education, and healthcare. If we think that it has reached its peak, we need to think again. Turns out it can also innovate the food industry.

If you are a business from the food industry, Miyens offers affordable AR/VR services like 360 Panorama Virtual Reality Tours and Augmented Reality Apps that can help you provide good food and service to your customers.

Here are ways on how AR/VR help improve the world of culinary and food.

1. VR tours help you know how food is being processed

VR tours of plantations and factories is a good way to earn the trust of consumers. By letting them have a glimpse of how their food is being processed until it lands on their tables, they are assured that the food they purchase is of quality and is guaranteed safe

2. Learning how to cook becomes virtual

Learning how to cook or trying a new dish is already fun, what more if it’s in digital form? VR 360 degree videos of dishes being cook can be much more effective than following a recipe from a cookbook or watching cooking videos. The user can learn in his own phase and learning how to cook virtually makes them save ingredients that should have been used during trial and errors of recipes.

3. People are exposed to a new food

Have you always wanted to dry a new dish from a different culture but you don’t know how and where to get it? With the help of AR and VR, let’s us have a better feel for dishes that is foreign to us as if we are actually experiencing it in person.

4. Overeating is avoided

Apparently, AR can help eaters to consume the right amount of food. It not just saves food being wasted but it can also help in creating scrumptious and healthy meals that can guide people in having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Miyens can provide you with both Augmented and Virtual Reality services that will make your business be immersed more than ever. If you want to know more AR/VR, how it can be applied in your business and how Miyens can help you with that, contact us and our project leaders will be more than happy to assist you.

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The main problem of Small and Medium Enterprises is that they get little exposure since they are competing with establishments that have been in the business for some time. But with the social media helping SMEs get their business out there, they are receiving the attention they need little by little.

Miyens offers social media marketing solutions that can help your business have the social media attention that it needs.

Here are 5 ways on how Social Media can help you if you are an SME.

1. Broadcast your business easily

Social media serves as a megaphone to customers. It is the best option to let people (most especially your loyal customers) know about your new products or services. You can post your newest products on your social media pages or inform your social media followers that you have restocked the product they’ve been raving for. Plus they can share whatever it is that you post online, making you more exposed to more customers which leads to more sales. No need to send out newsletters to each of your customers because social media is just a few taps and clicks.

2. It’s a powerful communication tool

With social media communication between you and your customers are made easier. Before there are no means for businesses to get their customer’s feedback but now, with the help of the technology that we have, businesses and customers are connected more than ever. With social media, it deepens the relationship that customers have towards the business and vice versa since, through social media, they are already creating a small community.

3. Customer Service Online

With social media, you can serve your customers better. Not only because you keep them updated about your business but because you can hear them out. And that’s what customers want. Since communication is much easier through social media, responding to their queries, suggestions or complains is much easier and quicker as well.

4. Reaching a wider audience

Majority of your customers are on social media. From teens to parents, any age demographic can see your posts on social media so there’s no need for you to worry if you are reaching all of your audience. All you have to do to reach this age groups is to be active on your social media pages and come up with fun, fresh and engaging posts.

5. People will know more about your business

If interested customers want to know more about your business, they’ll go straight to your social media pages. They’ll get all the information they need about your business in no time. That’s why you need to be active on your social media pages to attract more customers. Your posts are also public so search engines can bring you up once a person searches a topic that is related to your business.

With the combined efforts of our social media marketers and multimedia team, your business will have an active and creative social media strategy that will surely boost up your business, online. Contact us today and our marketing team will be glad to assist you,

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Not all of us are fond of group works. Some choose to do task individually while others prefer in collaborating with people they are comfortable with. But whether we like it or not, group collaborations are inevitable. So, how do you make collaboration work? Do the following tips.

Tip #1: Be a people person

You don’t have to please your groupmates, all you have to do is to be approachable. You need to learn on how to deal with different kinds of people and how to work with them. Camaraderie is the key for a well functioning group.

Tip #2: Assign a leader

In every group, someone needs to lead it so that everything is managed and functioning. A group without a person in charge is directionless. A common misconception in being a leader is that he does all the work in the group, which is wrong. A leader still do tasks and instead of doing it all for his group mates, he assigns tasks equally to all.

Tip #3: Divide tasks equally

Since one of the duties of a leader is to delegate tasks to his members, it is a member’s job to do the task that is given to him. Each member of the group has a specific task and role to accomplish. Remember that a task is not given to someone who is not competent enough, it is given because it can be done.

Tip #4: Have open communication

It is important to have communication within the group in order to work well. Motivational speaker, Simon Sinek once said that learning how to listen is not the key, but instead it is in listening to everyone else. This makes everyone in the group be heard and contribute to the group and you get to hear what others has to say as well. Open communication means having an exchange of thoughts, a clash of ideas but in a healthy way.

Tip #5: Use technology as your advantage

With social media being one of the leading means of communication, you can use this as well for your collaboration. There’s Facebook Messenger for instant messages and Skype for video calls. Not only that, collaboration is made much easier since information is just a reach of your fingertips. You just need to maximize technology and put it in good use.

Your smartphone wouldn’t be possible if mobile developers and innovators did not collaborated. Facebook wouldn’t exist if Mark Zuckerberg did not needed the help of his co-founders. Remember, no man is an island, so be open for collaboration.

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Help your community

A community is an important factor for an individual’s growth but sometimes we need to give back to our community as well. Here are small ways on how you can help your community. Even if you’re just a normal resident in your community, you can still have great contribution.

1. Be a part of the clean and green drive

Pollution is a common problem in communities that’s why clean up drives are a common community project. If your community is having one, you can sign up and be a part of it. Or you can organize by coordinating with community leaders. Or you can just help by cleaning your space and not throwing your trash anywhere. If you can’t help with the solution, at least don’t be a part of the problem.

2. Help the local animal shelter

You can be a weekly volunteer in taking care of the rescued pets in your local animal shelter. You can help in petting and feeding the pets or you can also help in finding the pets a new and loving home.

3. Organize events for different age groups

You can be an organizer of events for different age groups in your community. Organize a sports clinic for the youth or a senior’s night for the elderly. This will help them grow and be active in the community.

4. Help with peace and order

A community’s peace and order is a vital factor. You can help in maintaining it by volunteering in doing rounds in streets or you can come up with solutions that will be help in keeping the peace and order.

5. Held a food drive

You can held a food drive in your community along with fellow neighbors wherein you can either collect canned goods or have a soup kitchen to feed those who are in need.

Contributing to the community shouldn’t be hard. So take a step forward and be a great help to your community.

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